Sunday, July 16, 2006

Stupid WindowBlinds!

Oh man. I am tired. And I bet that you are wondering why I am tired. You're not? Oh, well I guess that I won't tell you than. No big deal. I'll live, you'll live, and assorted kegs of alcohol will live. It's a Win/Win/Get Wasted situation.
OK...what am I rambling on about today? Well, to start off, I hate WindowBlinds. It makes your system crawl on it's knees (a slight exageration) and it almost screwed up my PC, even though it was probably my fault. I still blame WindowBlinds. I was trying to install a theme, and then my whole desktop went black. I could see my icons, and the little Windows logo where the start button would be. I was contemplating , logging out, making a new account, and transferring all of my files, but I figured that I should take a stab in the dark. Literally. So I right-clicked on my desktop and low-and-behold, the Right-Click menu was black. Lucky me. So I guessed where the "Properties" button would be, and I got it right. Then I guessed where the "Appearance" button would be in the window. I got it right! Finally, I guessed where you would select your theme, and I got it right. I really did get lucky. Or, maybe it's a sign that I use the computer too much. Nah.

I still haven't run that Ubuntu Live CD. But I have a good excuse! When I try to boot from CD on my working computer (the one that I am on), it stutters, and then just boots up Windows. Unforttunately, I am too lazy to look into this problem. It doesn't matter down here anyway, because it's the upstairs piece of crap that I need to install it on. Oh well.

That about sums up this edition of [insert title here]. Catch you later.

Sorry, I had to get that one out.

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Blogger EvilChicken said ... (3:38 PM) : 

You use Windows Blinds too. I kind of like it. But it is a pain sometimes.


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