Thursday, July 13, 2006

DS Lite Owns My Life

As sad as it may be, the DS Lite is in complete control of my life. Would you like to know what makes this whole ordeal even worse? The fact that I don't own one. Yes, that is correct, I do not own a Nintendo DS Lite Handheld Gaming and Entertainment Device, yet I am at it's mercy. I crave for the said masterpiece.
Within a month, the date of my birth shall arise, and with it, may there be-ith a NDS. With Animal Crossing, of course. How I long to frolic with the animals, and perform un-natural things with them. No, not that! I was talking about giving them clothing, and chopping down their trees, you pervert!
Ah, well, I am doing my best to make my DS Lite fantasy a reality. For example, I made a background to voice my needs, so to speak. You can view my contraption HERE. And if that doesn't get the oh-so discreet message across, than hopefully the fact that I have strategically placed small, cut-out DS Lites around my humble abode.
Well, I expect that you shall all know if I get one or not, because if so, I will most-likely make a sole post containing characters not normally found in normal American dialect, such as
"‰", "Ð", or "Âœ". And keep this in mind. If I do not somehow acquire the said joyous savior, than Sea Lions will die...

OK, maybe not, but it sure did sound good!

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